Director – Faculty Bargaining Services

Director – Faculty Bargaining Services

This is a 4-day/week position (0.8 FTE). Location in Ottawa is an asset, but remote management is possible. Remote management requires regular and scheduled presence in the Ottawa Office.  The effective date is January 2021 but other arrangements may be considered.

Job description


The Director is the leader and promoter of Faculty Bargaining Services (FBS), a service offered by CAUBO. S/he assumes primary responsibility for planning the development and delivery of services and coordinating the work of staff, contract personnel and institutional/association contacts to ensure the delivery of collaborative services that will help the FBS community in dealing with academic staff relations, contract negotiations, and conditions of academic staff appointments.

To fulfill these responsibilities, the Director works with and seeks guidance from the FBS Management Committee, manages staff and budgets, and ensures communication with participating institutions/clients and stakeholders.  

S/he contributes to corporate planning, priority-setting and operational plans as well as to the achievement of CAUBO’s strategic goals and objectives. The Director reports to the FBS Management Committee on matters of content and to the CAUBO Board, through the Executive Director, on operational, financial and administrative matters. S/he is supported in their role by regional Field Representatives.  The Director also receives support from other CAUBO professional staff located at the national office, and consults, as necessary, with CAUBO’s Associate Director on matters related to best practices in non-profit management. The incumbent is expected to be self-supporting as pertains to administrative, day-to day matters.

This is a 4-day/week position (0.8 FTE). Location in Ottawa is an asset, but remote management is possible. Remote management requires regular and scheduled presence in the Ottawa Office.


The Director demonstrates a high capacity to work independently and lead strategically in a fluid multi-stakeholder environment.  The ability to identify opportunities and needs, to lead, supervise and develop an innovative team located in different parts of the country, to collaborate, and to communicate effectively with stakeholders are critical to success in this role.  

The Director is expected to have and maintain extensive knowledge of higher education, its values such as collegiality and academic freedom, and trends in the field. S/he has been highly engaged at the national level.

Extensive knowledge and experience in academic negotiations has been acquired via active participation in bargaining.  S/he demonstrates superior communication skills.  Prior experience working with a Board and/or Advisory Committee is an asset.

An advanced degree is required.  Bilingualism is an asset (preferred but not essential).

Specific responsibilities

Leadership and Coordination

  1. Demonstrate value of FBS to participating institutions.
  2. Assume a leadership role in the development and implementation of Faculty Bargaining Services on behalf of all participating institutions/associations.  Identify areas where universities could be assisted in academic negotiations and contract administration by more information, better analysis, common tools or training. Determine how best to meet those needs.  Set the annual plan, including goals and operational objectives for review and approval by the Management Committee; report progress and achievements to the Management Committee and participating institutions/associations on a timely basis.
  3. Establish priorities for FBS based on the annual plans approved by the Management Committee.
  4. Coordinate the development of training opportunities, including the Annual Conference/National Academy.
  5. Seek and develop partnerships with other organizations/associations that may contribute to the objectives of FBS.
  6. Participate in CAUBO’s corporate strategic planning, priority-setting and operational planning
  7. Actively promote complementarity and positive relationships between Faculty Bargaining Services and the broader objectives of CAUBO
  8. Bring forward strategic innovations for consideration by the Management Committee

Managing Budgets and Human Resources

  1. In collaboration with the Executive Director and CAUBO’s Corporate Services Manager, contribute to the development of a long term financial strategy, an annual operation plan and an annual budget, for approval by the Management Committee and the CAUBO Board.
  2. Ensure that the services are conducted within budget.  Adjust priorities during the year to reflect actual revenues and expenditures.
  3. Review the allocation of resources (staff and other) with the Executive Director.  Where resources are shared between CAUBO and FBS, agree upon the basis for their use and availability.
  4. Recruit the Field Representatives; supervise their work and evaluate their performance.


  1. Oversee the promotion of FBS to existing and potential participating institutions/associations.
  2. Plan and oversee the implementation of the communication strategy.
  3. Write and/or direct the writing of the E-Newsletter, Newsfeeds and perform quality review before publication.
  4. Ensure effective communications with FBS staff and others who deliver services to FBS. 
  5. Remain engaged and connected with the membership.


  1. Regularly inform the CAUBO Executive Director as to the status of the services and emerging issues.
  2. Provide quarterly written status reports to the Executive Director and to the Management Committee.
  3. Provide timely reports, as required, to the CAUBO Board, Management Committee, and participating institutions/associations.