Undergraduate Assistant

This position acts as a departmental resource for the daily administration and operation of the undergraduate studies program. This position advises students on their academic progress and assists students with pre-registration, registration and admission applications. This position works with students experiencing challenges that influence their academic progress and refers students to the appropriate university units for assistance (e.g., Undergraduate Chair, Career Services, Student Wellness, etc.).

What you will do

  • Acts as the first point of contact for students; provides advice to students related to academic progress, including program planning, course selection, transfers, degree requirements, faculty regulations, policies, and procedures.
  • Assists with pre-registration and/or registration, including student information, course information, pre-requisites, exemptions, etc.
  • Assists with admission applications for students, including transfers.
  • Works with students experiencing challenges that influence their academic progress.
  • Refers students to the appropriate university resources for assistance (e.g., Undergraduate Chair, Career Services, Student Wellness, etc.).
  • Relays unwelcome information and/or deals with conflicts and complaints such as advising students regarding declined admission/transfer credit applications or ineligibility to meet degree requirements. Escalates issues to others as appropriate.
  • Reviews and verifies the degree list for accuracy and completeness (i.e., eligibility to graduate, honour standings, etc.) for approval.
  • Plans, organizes and executes receptions, ceremonies, orientations, information sessions, and/or reunions, including assisting with producing related materials.
  • Provides advice to staff and faculty on academic policies and procedures, such as registration, admissions, course planning, awards, etc.
  • Acts as a resource through interaction with staff, faculty, students and the public by advising, directing and providing guidance on matters such as academic progression and planning, policies and procedures, and campus resources.
  • Coordinates process for timetable preparation, submission, and verification by establishing academic blocks, data for courses, groupings of electives, and maximum enrolments. Submits core program courses for each year level and sub-plan for preloads.
  • Obtains pertinent information for statistical reports, such as spreadsheets used to evaluate student progress, class lists, e-mail listserv, and student academic records.
  • Coordinates the distribution, collection, and submission of final marks.
  • Gathers and submits curriculum changes, including approvals.
  • Provides information to students on exchange and internship programs.
  • Coordinates the University Survey of Student Assessment of Teaching (USAT) by distributing the evaluation packages, verifying information, and ensuring that deadlines are met.
  • Compiles and verifies the accuracy of awards lists. Coordinates award nominations and verify nominee requirement information.
  • Maintains website for communications and marketing.
  • Provides administrative support, such as maintaining calendars, correspondence, scheduling meetings, etc.
  • Other duties as required in support of the department and/or unit.

Required Education

  • Two-Year Community College Diploma.

Required Experience

  • More than 2 years and up to and including 3 years of experience.

Consideration may be given to an equivalent combination of education and experience

Job Knowledge and Requirements

  • Knowledge and insight of practical methods, techniques, and work processes that is typically acquired through a combination of technical training and/or work experience.
  • Provide information that requires technical or administrative explanation or interpretation.
  • Attempts to resolve a difficult or challenging interpersonal situation, or overcome resistance to gain cooperation, before referring to others.
  • Manage own work effectively and follows through on commitments, using the available resources.
  • May distribute work to deliver objectives on time and to the highest standard and help others access resources to support goal achievement.
  • Resolve recurring problems and situations using established procedure and guidelines.
  • Bring forward problems, obstacles or challenges to work completion in a timely manners so deadlines continue to be met.
  • Break down concrete issues into parts and selects best solution from clear alternatives and past practices.
  • Acknowledge and respect diverse cultural traditions and beliefs.
  • Question attitudes, comments and behaviours which are discriminatory and seeks out appropriate resources to remove these from the workplace.